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That curvy bod and that red hair. That girlish smile. Amerie Thomas is waiting at the window for her delivery and while she waits, she fingers a nipple, kisses and sucks it to make it stiff. Whats Amerie waiting for? A delivery man to deliver his cock for her to play Knowing this guy, she has nothing to worry about. Tony DeSergio is always on br Amerie steps back to the bed and peels off her tight jeans. She has thong panties on. Laying back, Amerie feels herself up, fondles her thighs, her big tits, slips a hand down her panties. She cant wait and starts without the br While Amerie is pleasuring herself and waiting, we flashback to a chat she had with the XL Girls director. What criterion does Amerie have to know if she is going to definitely fuck a guy before she fucks him? How did she make the move into nude modeling and porn? What kind of oral sex does she prefer? These questions are br Then were back to Amerie on the bed touching her lovely boobs. 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The two cops give Samantha the full treatment as the girls laugh and have a blast. The alcohol, and the smell and sight of men, affect Samantha. She begins to revert to her wild party-girl ways and gets into the partying. One of the cops mounts her on the coffee table. On her back, shes topless with her huge, wonderful tits ready for cock. The cop slides his meat-club through her deep cleavage and starts fucking her flesh mountains. Will Samantha forget her groom, her vows of fidelity and her nuptial promises and keep tit-fucking the stripper? And what about Sams pumped-up bridesmaids, drunk and horny and ready for fucking? My Big Plump Wedding is about to kick into high gear with an all-out orgy with five of the best-built babes in XLGirls history! bbw free porn movies and pics bbw free porn movies and pics bbw free porn movies and pics Licensed To Be Naked : Allie Pearson is licensed to be naked at XL Girls. Licensed to blow you away. We gave Allie that license. Here she is under the Miami sky and enjoying her time showing you her goodies. Wow! Is she sexy?! Brimming with enthusiasm, sweet and bubbly, Allie took to modeling as if shed waited for years for this chance. I feel sexy and beautiful and I can embrace my womanhood here, Allie said. Its getting windy so Allie goes inside where she can cum in br Just 5 tall, Allie measures 42-inches and needs a G-cup bra according to the stylists measurements. br br I used to get a lot of attention from boys in school. I developed at a young age, so my boobs, my butt, all that good stuff got their attention. I was about 13, maybe even a little bit younger, when I started to develop. Thats when I remember really standing out and having bigger assets than the other girls. br br A lot of the other girls would look at me and say, Oh my gosh! You have big boobs! I wish I had big boobs, because at that age, every girl wants boobs, but as far as participating in a lot of activities, it was uncomfortable at that age because whatever I did I was flopping br We have better activities for Allie at XL The Ultra-breast Music Fest : Marilyn Mayson will now spin you round and round and turn you upside down as todays XL Girls house DJ. Shes our kind of DJ, big tits and juicy butt out. Shes a dirty talker and she shows off her oral skills when the musics br If youre Marilyns guy, shes looking out for br Ill fuck you non-stop. Pretty much, if Im not fucking you, Im sucking you. I want sex at all times of the day and night. I can never get enough!br br Marilyns said her favorite fetish is when a partner comes inside her pussy. Its just something about feeling the guy spurting in my pussy that feels really good. It makes me cum, too. I like when they stretch my pussy, too, and talk about it and how big their dick is in my pussy. I like that a whole Plumper Pumping : Theres nasty-good oral sex aplenty in Lila Lovelys pair-off with JMac. Theres rough throat-fucking, a hot blow job and cleavage-fucking, including a rarely seen reverse tit-fuck so Lila can lick his balls while shes getting her boobs br He plows Lilas fertile fields every which way, finishing off with another tit-fuck and cum-pop on her outstretched, waiting tongue. Its all action and the action is fast and br Lila says shes a submissive and was in a relationship with a dominant. Shes met her controller in this match-up. He doesnt forget her favorite position, ass-up, face down, as shes totally rammed. I like a dominant man who enjoys taking over, says Lila. br br Manhandled, spanked, stretched, Lila gets her hardest XL Girls fucking in Plumper Tatianas Titillating Training : This was the first video for Tatiana Blair, a young college co-ed whose ex-boyfriend, a iSCOREi reader, told her she should apply to be a model at The SCORE Group. Only 410 but boasting 36J-cup whopping whoppers, Tatiana began the show with a fitness lesson in a mirrored room. Jumping jacks hurt her because her tits are so heavy, so her trainer has Tatiana switch to push-ups. The trainer gets underneath her pendulous, dangling hangers as an excuse to help her do push-ups better. Of br One nipple leads to another and before long, the dug sucking begins. Her nipples are pointy and prominent and her areolae are about three inches in diameter. The tit-sucking leads to tit-fucking which leads to cock-sucking and pussy-licking and then to a thrusting fuck, proving that exercise is a very beneficial pursuit and explains why guys become professional fitness trainers. br br Said Tatiana about finding outfits to wear, I think my height makes my boobs look even bigger. If I were taller then maybe it wouldnt be as big of a deal. It makes shopping for clothes interesting too. I have to buy large tops to fit my boobs. And finding pants that are short enough for me is really hard. I just hate the feeling of wearing a bra, so I dont. Im not going to make myself uncomfortable. But because I dont wear bras I do get a lot of attention for my boobs. So a lot of the time Ill wear a sweater to try to cover up a little bit. br br It should be no surprise that all of Tatiana Blairs boyfriends are tit-maniacs, and if they werent in the beginning, they quickly became Big Knockin Jugs : Charlie Cooper is very proud of her big tits and rightfully so. They are spectacular. The rest of her is equally spectacular. This is a superstar-level chick who is still in the Top Rated section of XL Girls. A favorite go-to girl for many, Charlie was urged and begged to pose by former boyfriends who read XL Girls and by other guys. It took some br Said Charlie, I have big boobs, and people have been telling me forever that I would be really good doing nude modeling because of my huge boobs. 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From there, the topic moves to sex and what Nixie likes. I can honestly say I have never been made love to, says Nixie, Its always been fucking--fast and furious--and thats how I like it. Nixie talks about the differences in having sex with porn men and with regular guys and its not just cock size. She will explain all! Back To Show The Rack : Those of you who were members three years ago will remember Alyson Galen. Her boyfriend is an XL Girls fan and he encouraged her to send in her at-home snaps to For exact details, see Alyson had never posed nude in a studio before, let alone spanked one out. She did just fine in her debut. But after that, we werent sure if she was going to pursue modeling or be a one-hit wonder. We heard from Alyson a few months later, then it was all quiet until just recently when she signaled her desire to br Alyson has a pair of the biggest areolae a tit-man could find. They are huge--six inches in diameter--and cap off 44F-cup tits. I get a lot of attention. I used to feel embarrassed but not anymore!br br So now Alyson is back after three years, basically looking the same. We asked her about her first video and if she watched it. I have more confidence in myself now, said Alyson. Ive watched my first video and it actually ended in us having sex. We had sex while watching it. bbw free porn movies and pics bbw free porn movies and pics Extracurricular Activities : Hit the road with Big Girl Sex School headmistress Shugar and her students Lovely Libra, Ivy Dreams, Madi Jane and Peaches LaRue. This van is stuffed with more breastmeat than a chicken truck. We shot their chat this way so that the girls big tits bounced like crazy. Girls will be girls and XL Girls seem to be a lot more rambunctious and frisky than other girls. Put them together in one place, like this van heading down the hooter highway, and youve got some seriously horny babes talking sex and big tits. They are proud to be big girls, a special sorority! bbw free porn movies and pics 220 Pounds Of Love : Obese tattooed brunette gets hard fucked by Torbe bbw free porn movies and pics Jumpin On Juggs : Carlos is up to something. Hes fiddling with Sashaa Juggs scale so she thinks shes lost weight. But she really hasnt. Carlos is happy with the way Sashaas body is and wants her to stay that way because he enjoys fucking this plump and juicy br Once Carlos sneaky mission does the trick and Sashaa is happy, hes all over her like a wild man, squeezing her massive mams, rubbing her chubby cheeks and bending her over the bed. He pulls his boner out of his pants and sticks it inside her pussy, fucking her hard from behind without bothering to take off his br Turning her around, he forcefully fucks Sashaas mouth and titanic tits. She gets on her back and puts her legs in the air, waiting for his flight to arrive. Carlos dives into her pussy and drills away. 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